PISA 2018: the Top Rates Countries

China has a “stunning lead” over the US. “China rocks in my opinion” Elon Musk

“China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep because when she wakes up, it will shake the world” Napoleon.

TECHSPOT: In a nutshell: The Biden administration might be limiting China’s ability to manufacture advanced chips, but according to an independent think tank, the Asian nation is still ahead of the US when it comes to research in 37 out of 44 crucial and emerging technologies, including AI, defense, and key quantum tech areas.

Insider reports that the Canberra-based Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) believes China has a “stunning lead” over the US when it comes to high-impact research across the majority of critical and emerging technology domains.

ASPI lists some of the areas where China leads the US as defense, space, robotics, energy, the environment, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, advanced materials, and key quantum technology areas.

China has a “stunning lead” over the US

The think tank notes that for some of these technologies, the ten leading research institutions are based in China and are collectively generating nine times more high-impact research papers than the second-ranked country, which is usually the US. What could be especially worrying for America is that two areas where China really excels are Defense and space-related technologies. ASPI writes that China’s advancements in nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles took the US by surprise in 2021.

How is China so far ahead? Some of it is down to imported talent. The report notes that one-fifth of its high-impact papers are being authored by researchers with postgraduate training in a Five-Eyes country (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States). However, most of China’s progress comes from deliberate design and long-term policy planning by President Xi Jinping and his predecessors.


Concept art of a futuristic Chinese nuclear-powered aircraft carrier ~ AsiaTimes

As of 2022, the PLA-N was the world’s largest navy with 340 ships; the US Navy, in comparison, has only 280 ships. China also has 13 naval shipyards, with each facility having more capacity than all seven US naval shipyards combined.

~ by Joel Huan on April 14, 2023.

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