China’s “Photonic Chip”

China’s “Photonic Chip” Welcomes A Breakthrough; US Wants Chinas To Share Technology

 China’s “Photonic Chip” Welcomes A Breakthrough US Wants To Share Technology ASML EXPLODES!!! – YouTube

In order to solve the problem of semiconductor chips being stuck in a ditch by foreign technology, China has been resolute in its quest to tackle its disadvantages and change the game.

To succeed in their quest, they needed to create new, cutting-edge materials to lead their research and development work, and now that their photonic chip production line is set to begin in 2023, ushering in a breakthrough with new ideas to the semiconductor industry, everything appears to be looking up.

Alas, what’s this new chip all about?

And also, just how and why does the United States Of America suddenly want in on the action! This and many more will be discussed in today’s video. China’s first production line for integrated optical circuits, or just as it’s more commonly called, ‘photonic chips’ is estimated to be ready in 2023.  

Global Times: China’s first photonic chip production line to be ready in 2023

Yahoo: China publishes high-quality science than any other nation by Caroline Wagner, Milton & Roslyn Wolf Chair in International Affairs, The Ohio State University ~ January 11, 2023

~ by Joel Huan on January 13, 2023.

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