North Korea To Send 100,000 Troops

North Korea Willing To Send Russia 100,000 Troops For Ukraine War: 

Yahoo News / August 8, 2022 // Zerohedge by Tyler Durden / August 8, 2022

North Korea Willing To Send Russia 100,000 Troops For Ukraine War

During six months of war in Ukraine there have been some instances of Russian satellite states providing “volunteer” forces – with Chechens being a foremost reported group of foreign fighters said to be in Ukraine. But Russian state media recently presented the biggest offer of foreign troops yet, reportedly from an unlikely “pariah” nation also long at odds with the United States.

  • North Korea has offered Russia 100,000 troops to help defeat Ukraine, according to Russian state media.
  • A Russian pundit said North Korean troops could bring useful experience with counter-battery warfare, per reports.
  • North Korea is also reportedly prepared to send workers to help rebuild the Donbas region for Russia.
North Korea expresses a desire to meet its international duty

North Korea has said it is willing to send 100,000 “volunteer” troops to help Vladimir Putin execute the ongoing war in Ukraine, Business Insider has reported, citing Channel One Russia. Russian military pundit Igor Korotchenko made the claim to the state broadcaster, saying further that the DPRK military could provide a “wealth of experience with counter-battery warfare.”

“If North Korea expresses a desire to meet its international duty to fight against Ukrainian fascism, we should let them,” Korotchenko was also quoted in New York Post as saying.

This comes amid unverified Western media claims that Russia has suffered huge and unexpected numbers of casualties, to the point of being “desperate” – and reportedly being forced to provide abbreviated and ineffective training to new recruits.

North Korea’s military is the world’s fourth largest, with nearly 1.3 million active personnel, according to the New York-based Council for Foreign Relations. A further 600,000 serve as reserve soldiers.

Defense experts say it operates with aging equipment and technology, said the CFR.

According to the South Korean newspaper Daily NK, North Korea has also offered up workers to assist Russia in rebuilding a post-war Ukraine.

Citing Russian sources, Daily NK reported that North Korea is planning on sending more than 1,000 workers to the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine if Russia wins the war.

“Considering that the war isn’t over yet, the government is planning to send workers at an appropriate time while monitoring the situation on the ground,” a North Korean source said, per Daily NK.

~ by Joel Huan on August 11, 2022.

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