Daniel Dumbrill: From HK to Xinjiang

Interview: Daniel Dumbrill – From Hong Kong to Xinjiang / September 21, 2021

Daniel Dumbrill is a Canadian expat living in China for the past 13 years. He has become an outspoken critic of the West’s propaganda war on China.

Xinjiang, the world’s focal point!

A few selected comments:

Hang Tuah: With due respect Brian, your hypothesis is incorrect as the British when they returned Hong Kong to China and allow this phase in period of 50 years, they signed the Basic Laws. Article 1 of the Basic Laws stipulate that Hong Kong is an inalienable part of China so it is useless to say if Hong Kong gain independence as this would be a violation of the BL. The protesters were thinking of waylaying the Basic Laws by pushing for independence and thus violate Article 1. The irony is that during the colonial British rules, these so-called democracy activists did not enjoy any form of voting or even representation and yet they suddenly want democracy. They are being manipulated by the NED and the foreign powers so as to contain China.

Gilles Milaire: Great discussion, about the only thing I didn’t agree with Daniel was his view that China’s news media is not doing a good job promoting their image. I would agree with Daniel 10 years ago, but today I prefer watching Chinese news any day of the week, their news is objective and honest. Western news is not trustworthy, it’s divisive and feeds the polarization of their societies and most reporting is a one sided distortion. Aside from this small critique, I love The New Atlas for it’s excellent journalism and superb guest.

Lion Rock: Tianmen Square Massacre is just a useful name to demonize China. I woke up from this propaganda when I watched many old videos where eyewitness claimed students all moved out peacefully. BTW the tank man was not killed. The casualty happened not in the square but outside and with soldiers burnt alive and killed. It was a riot and many killed were not students. Anyway the anti-government in HK keep this lie for over 30 years to raise money.

F Liu: The failure of the ”one country and two systems” is that China allowed British colonialism to continue in Hong Kong, Hong Kong youths were not taught to be patriotic towards China, their country but taught to be a loyal subject of their former colonial master. Total failure of the education systems, but this is going to change.

Bruce Clark: Kia Ora – In New Zealand, we’ve only had one other terrorist attack and that was the one committed by the crazy right winger on the Christchurch Mosque, so we are hardly in a position to institute a deradicalisation programme. there would have been two – assuming they had arrested the crazy knife attacker guy – one Muslim extremist and one right wing nut job. Don’t see how that would have worked.
By the way, i really think you guys are doing a marvelous job – you’re honest, intelligent and dedicated to the truth and its great to see people like you in the tradition of CHomsky , Pilger et al. Just thought i should point out your overreach when it came to analysis of NZ. Arohahui

Wangbei Gao: 10 months ago I was on the Tiananmen Square in 1989. Let me tell you this, I am glad that the students didn’t succeed in overthrown of the government. Was the government perfect? Nope, would overthrown of the government makes China a better country and people have better life, hell nope. In hindsight, I can see clearly that CIA played a significant role in that movement. Did US want China to be a better country for its people, hell fucking nope!

~ by Joel Huan on July 30, 2022.

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