China’s Breakthrough with Carbon Chip?

Will China Succeed In The Carbon-Based Chip Industry In The Coming Years?

The semiconductor industry has been shrinking transistors by Moore’s law, but it could be coming to the end soon. Shrinking further, a transistor will not be transistor anymore. The industry needs something new. This is the inevitable fact in the microelectronics industry now.

A company like Huawei has been investing in R&D trying to open up the new chip industry. There is no company in the US that are doing this research now. Intel and AMD are behind TSMC and this Taiwanese company maybe coming to the end of this industry.

There are limitations of silicons for making chip when physics is preventing a steady move from 3-nanometer to 2-or even 1-nanometer chips. If silicon-based minimum limit is 1-nanometer, this means that the next breakthroughs may come from other semiconductor materials and techniques. It maybe carbon or sometimes calls graphene.

Graphene is defined as a semi-metal and is an allotrope of carbon. Since it is only one-atom-thick, graphene is nearly transparent however it is also an excellent electrical and thermal conductor.

China’s breakthroughs involve a crucial switch from silicon to carbon. Their researches are totally invested in it, and could soon transpose their lab work into another breakthrough.

“And I will cast you out of My sight, as I have cast out all your brethren, even the whole seed of Ephraim” Jeremiah 7:15

~ by Joel Huan on August 30, 2021.

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