US Weapons Now in Taliban Hands


From what happened in Afghanistan, those in Taiwan should perceive that once a war breaks out in the Straits, the island’s defense will collapse in hours and US military won’t come to help. As a result, the DPP will quickly surrender.

US spent billions on Afghan forces. Their weapons are now in Taliban hands.

SCMP / Minnie Chan / Aug 18, 2021

The Taliban’s haul of American weapons and equipment taken from the Afghan military could worsen instability in the region – including Xinjiang in China – if they fall into the hands of extremists, analysts say.

Afghan Taliban Claims Downing of U.S. B-52H Heavy Bomber
Made by Raytheon, Stinger Missiles Can Shoot Down Fighter Jets and Helicopters.

Taliban fighters seized guns, ammunition, helicopters and even combat aircraft, according to the Associated Press, as they took over provincial capitals, military bases and on Sunday Kabul, in a rapid offensive after American troops withdrew. They met little resistance from US-trained Afghan forces.

The insurgents are now trading weapons like Russian Kalashnikov AK-47s for modern American assault rifles, and according to Chinese military researcher Zhou Chenming, it is this type of weaponry that could help fuel the expansion of extremist and terrorist groups in the region.

Taliban fighters take control of the Afghan presidential palace in Kabul, Afghanistan, on August 15, 2021.
Taliban fighters with US-made weapons.

“If this weaponry that has been supplied by the US [to Afghan forces] – like guns, ammunition and armoured vehicles – is seized by extremists then it will certainly add to the difficulty and challenges of counterterrorism operations for all governments in the region,” said Zhou, from the Yuan Wang military science and technology institute in Beijing.

Taliban fighters in Kabul on a captured US-made Humvee. Photo: AP
Taliban fighters in Kabul on a captured US-made Humvee.

“In the past, extremist groups have … carried out surprise attacks using knives and home-made bombs, but the casualties will be much higher if they get hold of more powerful weapons.”

Military vehicles transferred by the U.S. to the Afghan National Army in February 2021.   Afghanistan Ministry of Defense/via REUTERS
Military vehicles transferred by the US to the Afghan Army in February 2021.

China – whose far western region of Xinjiang shares a short border with Afghanistan – is highly concerned about security in the country. Senior Chinese diplomats have called on the Taliban to cut ties with extremist groups such as the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, which it has blamed for violent attacks in Xinjiang.

An Afghan military helicopter in Panjshir province, Afghanistan. Photo: AFP
An Afghan helicopter in Panjshir province, waiting to be used by the Taliban Army.

Zhou said given the political turmoil in Afghanistan, China needed to step up border security to stop extremists from entering Xinjiang via the Wakhan Corridor – a narrow strip of Afghan territory that borders the Chinese region.

Zerohedge: Senators “Horrified” to See Black Hawk Helicopters in Taliban Hands.

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