A Study Index of Fred Coulter’s Passover

A Study Index of Fred Coulter’s Book — “The Christian Passover

What Does Passover Mean? When Should Passover Be Observed — the 14th or the 15th? 

The Christian Passover
By Fred R. Coulter 
York Publishing Company
Third Edition 2010 

With over 50 years in the ministry, Fred Coulter has written a comprehensive book on Passover and since then has been the flagship for those who keep Passover on the early fourteenth of Nisan. His book is now over 28 years, spread over three editions, and claimed to have covered all and every issue of the Passover. There is much truth in this claim, so this series of critiques follow his order of Passover issues in his book. Readers can study these critiques from (a) to (l) — from Chapter One to Chapter Nineteen.

On the issue of erev it is defined by the Orthodoxy as “after noon and until nightfall.” Between the two eves (erevs) is the time between the eve of the first decline of the day and the eve of the onset of the night. There are two evenings, one from the time the sun begins to decline, the other is after the sun has gone down. 

Day / Night | Learn english, English vocabulary, Telling time in english
The time between the eve of the First Evening and eve of the Second Evening is the time “between the two evenings.”

To put it another way: “between the two evenings” is from the time when the sun begins to incline towards the west, which is from the sixth hour [noon or 12 o’clock] and onwards. It is erevim [plural – “evenings”] because there are TWO EVENINGS, for “between the two evenings” is from the time that the sun begins to decline as one evening, and the other evening is after the sun has GONE DOWN.

Fred Coulter has addressed this issue at great length. Of course, like most in the CoG Communities, he has a contrary view.

So all of the critiques of Fred Coulter’s Passover issues are in my Blog site HERE:

Table of Contents

Chapter One   

Passover, its Importance a Matter of Life and Death
— “to eat the Passover” — Exodus 12:43;
— “to kill the Passover” — Exodus 12:21, II Chronicles 35:6;
— “to sacrifice the Passover” — Deuteronomy 16:2;
— “to roast the Passover” — II Chronicles 35:13.

Chapter Two   

The Real Meaning of “Passover”
— and when I see the blood, I will “pass over” (H6452) you Ex 12:13; the Lord will pass over (H6452) the door Ex 12:23; or
— it is the Lord’S Passover H6453 Ex 12:11.
The Ordinances of keeping the Passover

     A Critique of Chapter One and Two (a) HERE ~ ~

Chapter Three   

What is Ben Ha Arbayim (H6153) — “Between the Two Evenings”
— dusk? twilight?
— “after noon and until nightfall”?

Chapter Four   

What is ba erev — at even?
What is ben ha arbayim — between the evening?
— is ben ha arbayim immediately follows erev?
What are all the Passover Ordinances?

    A Critique of Chapter Three and Four (b) HERE ~ ~

Chapter Five   

What is Evening (erev) and Morning (boqer)?
Exodus 16 and Numbers 11 — the Quails and Manna
How is Erev Different from Ben Ha Arbayim?

    A Critique of Chapter Five (c) HERE ~ ~

Chapter Six   

“At sunset, or ba erev, is a very short period of time.” Is it no more than 3-5 minutes?
“The length of time for ben ha arbayim varies around 30-40 minutes?”

Chapter Seven   

Who are behind Everett Fox translation and Schocken Books?
And Schocken Bible?
What Does “Night” (Lailah) and “Morning” (Boqer) Mean?

    A Critique of Chapter Six and Seven (d) HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter Eight 

The Exodus Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread
Are they distinct or composite Feast/s?

Chapter Nine   

Did any of the Ordinances change after Exodus?
Are Blood from any Sacrifices Required to be Sprinkled at the Altar?

    A Critique of Chapter Eight and Nine (e) HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter Ten  

Changes in the Old Testament Passover Observance
Was the Passover Killed on an Early or a Late 14th Nisan?
Who exerted Passover and the Unleavened ars separate Feasts?
Testimonies from Jewish “Authorities” — Who Are They?

    A Critique of Chapter Ten (f) HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter Eleven   

The Fallouts of Jeroboam’s refusal Jerusalem as Center of Worship
Composite nature of Passover even in Exodus 12!
The Reform Movement — Fleeing from the “Bondage of Judaism”

   A Critique of Chapter Eleven (g) HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter Twelve 

When was a Centralised Passover Instituted?
Was the Temple Passover instituted by King Hezekiah?

  Chapter Thirteen   

Did King Josiah forged a Centralised Temple Passover service?

    A Critique of Chapter Twelve and Eleven (h) HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter Fourteen   

Why the Composite Character already in Deuteronomy 16?
Was Deuteronomy 16 Edited or Forged by Ezra?
The Birth and Testimony of the Aramaic Targum

Chapter Fifteen

How the Samaritans infiltrated the Jewish Community
More on Deuteronomy 16 being “Edited” or “Forged”

       A Critique of Chapter Fourteen and Fifteen (i) HERE  ~ —— ~

Chapter Sixteen   

Why was Passover not Practiced in Babylon for the Exiled?
Was Jerusalem the only Place to offer a Sacrifice?
Was Passover also a Sacrifice?

Chapter Seventeen 

The Testimonies from the Targum and Josephus
Leviticus 17 Any Sacrifice inside or outside the Camp
Deuteronomy 16:1-8 A Comparison with the Samaritan Version

     A Critique of Chapter Sixteen and Seventeen (j) HERE  ~ —— ~

Chapter Eighteen

Had Ezra instituted any New Passover Law?
Would endtime “Generation of vipers” be Cast into the Fire?
Why did John express Passover as the “Passover of the Jews”?

    A Critique of Chapter Eighteen (k) HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter Nineteen

Jesus’ Last Supper — Was that Meal a Passover?
If so, how about any Food Remains (Number 9:12)?
John 19:14 — What Time was the Sixth Hour?
Did Jesus keep the Passover? Or
Was He Offering Himself as the Passover?
Could the 70 AD Inferno be a Microcosm of the Great Tribulation?

    A Critique of Chapter Nineteen (l) HERE ~ —— ~


JESUS’ LAST HOURS — timeline of Christ’s Hours Before He died
Was That Meal a Passover Meal?
Luke 22:15 — What about Jesus’ Desire to eat “this Passover”?
Could That Night had been the Fourteenth?
Why even the Sadducaic Chief Priests stay outside the Praetorium?
If John was using John 19:14 Roman time what about Luke 22:66?

For a Full Timeline Analysis, Click HERE  ~ —— ~


After RESURRECTION — Did Christ went up to Heaven and Back?

For a Full Timeline Analysis, Click HERE  ~ —— ~


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