Silicon Valley’s Innovation Power Wanes

“I will be unto Ephraim as a moth” Hosea 5:12

Silicon Valley’s innovation power wanes

Chinese tech firms rise up via leading technologies

By GT staff reporters Source: Global Times Published: 2020/8/3

See the source imageUS technology supremacy as represented by Silicon Valley, renowned for its world class high-tech companies and thousands of growing start-ups, has seen signs of being shaken by rising Chinese tech firms, as the Valley has obviously slowed its pace of innovation.
Such factors as purchasing small but disruptive technology start-ups by big tech giants and lack of inclusive environment have made the famed technology center become lackluster.

“As Silicon Valley’s innovation has been mainly built by immigrant entrepreneurs, US President Donald Trump’s crackdown on immigration spells the region’s decline in innovation,” Liu Gang, director of the Nankai Institute of Economics and chief economist at the Chinese Institute of New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Strategies, told the Global Times.

By contrast, Shenzhen, in South China’s Guangdong Province, is now replacing Silicon Valley to become a new global innovation center for its inclusiveness and city vitality, Liu said, noting that China’s domestic tech boom is attracting a growing return of skilled talent from overseas, especially from the US.

Image result for tik tok picsFor instance, WeChat and TikTok, products that Chinese firms developed – which survived despite very fierce domestic competition are way better than their US counterparts.

“US tech firms tend to acquire small firms for new businesses like maps or artificial intelligence (AI) rather than carrying out original innovation, but Chinese companies are increasingly capable of concept, business model and technology innovation. For example, TikTok overshadows Facebook in the short-video sector,” he said.

That TikTok has become the latest target of the US government speaks of the success of the super app in catching the world’s eyes backed by its AI technologies and mature operations experience.

For the full Global Times article, click HERE

Image result for tik tok picsAnd now, in a “Smash & Grab” deal, Donald Trump is forcing TikTok to be sold for say, $50B, then ByteDance takes the money and invests in high tech microchip and other Shenzhen startup projects.

But an American IT giant, Microsoft, has became an amusing entertainer. And American (and Australian) kids aged 9 to 19, feeling safe their data would then no longer be stolen by China, spend 2-3 hours each day trying out new TK dances with what they could impress.

What would the world be like in, say, ten years time?

Bill Gates foresees Microsoft’s potential TikTok deal a ‘poison chalice’ and asks ‘who knows what’s going to happen’?

“I will be unto Ephraim as a moth” Hosea 5:12

Clarke – I will consume them by little and little, as a moth frets a garment.
Gill – which eats garments, penetrates into them, feeds on them privately, secretly, without any noise, and gradually and slowly consumes them; but at last utterly, that they are of no use and profit:

The countries with an overwhelming educational focus and expertise in STEM will come out ahead, because Sars-Covid-2 is a virus. It follows the rules of math, physics, and biology.



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