Is Donald Trump Mad?

The Mystery of Ephraim

According to William Herold, a retired Physician, this is what he wrote of Donald Trump:

“He has a severe narcissistic personality disorder. It is so severe that he has a paranoid flavor, and will not accept criticism. He flatly refuses to acknowledge being wrong, will never apologize, and has no coping mechanism for being wrong. Unfortunately he gets himself in this position a lot with his mouth and tweets moving faster than good thinking. Image result for pics donald trump

“He has something else, which is like a schizoid affect. He may have hallucinations or misperceptions. I am curious what his psych diagnosis was when his parents sent him to military school.

“I don’t believe he really thought he would win the presidency. Isn’t committed to the job.”

Not really, to me, he doesn’t seem mad, but he seems like a spoiled brat across the street that couldn’t stop throwing tantrums at every passer-by.

Also, he…

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~ by Joel Huan on July 18, 2019.

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