Ephraim / The United States

But his younger son shall be greater than he, so Jacob set Ephraim before Manasseh.

Earlier, across the Atlantic, a growing New England colonies had broken away from British rule. As a young nation, Ephraim began to blossom shortly after 1800. And charging like a bull, American ingenuity pushed its borders in all directions.

In 1783, America’s western border reached the Mississippi River. In desperate need of cash to wage war against England, France’s Napoleon sold his country’s vast American territorial holdings to Ephraim in 1803, resulting in the Louisiana Purchase—doubling the size of the nation. This purchase literally made the United States a contender on the world’s economic stage by adding over 800,000 square miles of the most fertile farmland in the world—the American Midwest.

In 1845, the Texas Annexation was added, and a year later the Oregon Territory was acquired. As a result of the Mexican War of 1846-1848, Mexico surrendered lands extending from Texas to the lower west coast. The last major addition would come in 1867 as Alaska was purchased from Russia. See the source image

Thus, at the turn of the 19th century, and charging continuously like a pack of bisons, Ephraim had expanded to almost its present-day size. This unparalleled expansion took in some of the world’s richest farmland and most valuable natural resources, eventually making Americans to enjoy a per-capita wealth never before seen in the world, while its population destined to be “doubly fruitful,” described as “the ten thousands of Ephraim,” exceeding that of his brother, “the thousands of Manasseh.”

After World War II, the British Manasseh gradually ceased to be economically and militarily relevant. And by the end of World War II, the horn of the Unicorn was broken with mounting problems in every part of its empire seeking independence. But America emerged as the top economic and military power, taking the role of “lImage result for Naval fleeteader of the free world.”

But beginning in the 1950s, with seven fleets around the oceans, America had became a global hegemon, and it was obvious that the American power would exceed the international role enjoyed by the British two centuries earlier.

“Like Britain in the nineteenth century, the United States in the twenty–first century has power to spare.  In fact the US has more power than Britain did at the height of its empire, more power than any other state in modern times.  It deploys the world’s only blue–water navy of any significance and the world’s most powerful air force; its armed forces have expeditionary capability undreamed of by any other power; its economy, powered by unceasing technological innovation, is the biggest and most dynamic on earth; its language has achieved a ubiquity unrivaled by any tongue since Latin; its culture permeates distant lands; and its political ideals remain a beacon of hope for all those ‘yearning to be free.’”

When its last major military rival—the Soviet Union—collapsed in 1991, Ephraim’s power was unquestioned and unrestrained.

~ by Joel Huan on June 23, 2019.

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