Potentials along Coastal NSW

Hotels and resorts chains in Malaysia are no longer the household names of western domains. Many in Malaysia are now own and operated by local nationals, and they are successful and on the rise.

Some Malaysian operators have already invested overseas, first in neighbouring countries, but now even as far as London. It wouldn’t be long before Australia could be seen as a beneficiary for such investments. But we have to make an effort to attract them here.

The big cities in Australia have all benefited from multiculturalism. The first things immigrants brought with them are their cuisines. And so a string of ethnic restaurants are found lying side by side in the inner cities: Pasha Kebab, Tal Mahal, Venice Steak, Kublai Noodles, Kopitiam, Saigon Wok, St George Grill, Kobe Teppanyaki, Hummingbird Bar, Penang Frog.

It is a general observation that the further away from Sydney’s Darling Harbour or Ultimo, the poorer the quality and lack of variety. A couple of good restaurants may be found along the coastal towns, but they are hard to find, expensive and generally unauthentic. Most are blend, many are disappointing.

Most Asians still prefer to tour within the Asian region, partly because of the lower cost and familiarity of the region. But with rising income, many are travelling to Europe, which have its castles, palaces and museums.

Australia has the potential, due to our proximity to the region. Asians tourists coming here normally hop from city to city: from Brisbane to Sydney, to Melbourne and back home. They are not encouraged to explore the countryside. The cuisines there, unfortunately, just don’t connect.

Just like a group of Aussies holidaying in Bali or Phuket would like to gather with other Aussies in a cocktail bar, a BBQ, talking of AFL or Julia Gillard, so likewise Asians coming here holidaying would like to meet fellow countrymen of like minds, eating and drinking similar foods, talking issues that connect. But such ingredients are lacking.

So most Asians tours are organised hopping from city to city only. Unexplored, yet the potentials are there, all along the coastal strip of New South Wales, from Tweed Heads to Eden, because this is the most attractive for country tourism.

Backed by the Great Dividing Range, this long and scenic coast has stunning bays, riverways and harbours, green natural parks and great sceneries. These sleepy towns have numerous beaches in idyllic settings, with kangaroos in the grasslands and Koala up in the trees. But alas, the Midas touch isn’t there.

~ by Joel Huan on March 29, 2012.

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  1. Joel!

    I can’t find you on FB anymore…
    How have you been? I see that you have updated your blog quite a bit and I obviously haven’t been following up closely. Will read more later.

    Xin Yin

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