Migration Agent’s Future!

Last night Kevin Rudd resigned and there would be turmoil during the next few weeks or months, perhaps leading to an early election. Perhaps not.

But what if there is another election and the next government is a hung government, with a swing independent Member of Parliament who do not want any more immigrants!!!

By that time, we would have graduated, our office open, well-furnished, a receptionist employed. Waiting!

No, that won’t happen, the chance is very small, but then again, what if it did? 😉

Such scenario seems inconsiderable. But think again. The current Migrant Law Program at the Australian National University has over 840 members. Assuming ten are staff and others who didn’t make it, there would be still roughly something like 800 potential graduates in a year. (Some are part-time, others full time). And there are four universities providing this same program. Hence potentially we’re churning out over 3,000 new migrant agents every year.

This will be added to the current pull of existing agents. 10,000 agents at least (before being culled by MARA), to my estimates. It shouldn’t be too far from such estimates; if not, I’ll keep on researching for more data to have a better informed opinion.

The current political climate under the Labour government is pretty generous with migrant intake. It fluctuates, of around 250,000 a year, but like anything else government policies can change. Will the Australian government continue to sustain this growth of immigrant intake, and this artificial growth of churning more migrant agents?

~ by Joel Huan on February 24, 2012.

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