Australia’s Road to Multiculturalism

Every country has a bit of black spots somewhere along its history, and Australia is no exception. This young and amazing country has come a long way from having an official White Australia Policy during the time of Federation in 1901 where “there is a great feeling all over Australia against the introduction of coloured persons” to one of multiculturalism today “to build on our success as a culturally diverse, accepting and open society, united through a shared future.”

I like Australia, I have to be honest. For this I like the country to have a strong border protection policy. Yet my heart is torn: for one coming from a third world country, I understand how desperate people in other countries are living in a depressing state. No hope, no life, and no future!

But alas,Australiais not reproducing itself. The birthrate for each woman is only 1.9 on average, insufficient to replace its population. Further, with better medical service, its people are living longer, ageing, hence the need to continue its large immigration program.

Since 9/11, and fearful that terrorism could strike locally, the government, through a series of reforms, had implemented legislation to counter applicants of bad character. I thought these are good reforms. If we are not careful, we could see an Australian icon like the Opera House blown into pieces. Lol, I might state the extreme, but then again, you never know. Better to be careful than sorry!

~ by Joel Huan on February 23, 2012.

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