Britain told to challenge China

Way back in April, 2022, Boris Johnson, intoxicated and deprived of a sound mind, purposely flew over to Kyiv to sabotage the Peace Deal between Ukraine and Russia on behalf of Joe Biden; and as a result, almost one year on, Ukraine is being ravaged and destroyed!

Now Britainis is told to double attack submarine fleet to challenge China. Have the Prime Ministers of Britain lost their mind?

Have the Prime Ministers of Britain lost their mind?

Yahoo News by Nick Gutteridge ~ March 14, 2023

Britain will need to double the size of its attack submarine fleet to challenge China, it has been warned.

Currently, the UK is building seven Astute-class hunter-killer vessels, which cost £1.3 billion each.

However, in the face of an increasingly aggressive China, defence insiders have said these need to be replaced with up to 19 British-designed next generation submarines, known as the Submersible Ship Nuclear (Replacement) – a modified version of the boats being supplied to Australia under the Aukus agreement.

Rishi Sunak has been in the US to take part in a three-way summit with Joe Biden and Anthony Albanese, the Australian premier, to sign off on the historic Aukus pact to develop conventionally-armed, nuclear-powered submarines for the Australian navy.

Speaking on Monday, the Prime Minister insisted Britain was committed to “swift and robust action” to counter any threat to UK national interests from China, as he set out his “refreshed” Integrated Review on UK foreign and defence policy.

However, senior Conservative MPs criticised the Government’s stance on China in the review, after Mr Sunak stopped short of calling China dangerous, instead referring to Beijing as a “challenge.”

Speaking in San Diego, Mr Sunak said: “China is a country with fundamentally different values to ours. And it represents a challenge to the world order. And that’s why it’s right that we are alert to that, and take steps to protect ourselves, protect both our values, stand up for our values and protect our interests.”

Mr Sunak added that the new Integrated Review makes this “crystal clear.”

“I think the actions of the Government over the past few months under my leadership demonstrate that we do take that challenge seriously,” he said.

~ by Joel Huan on March 16, 2023.

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