The Temple was on the Temple Mount

Must See New Evidence that Proves the Temple was on the Temple Mount Over the Dome of the Rock!

This video provides the most comprehensive and complete evidence that proves the original temple of Solomon, and the rebuilt temples of Zerubbabel and Herod the Great, were located on the Temple Mount, exactly where the Dome of the Rock is today. Today, some are promoting the theory that the Temple was in the City of David and that the Temple Mount was a Roman Fort. We will answer each of their arguments with facts, the Bible, archeology, and eyewitness accounts.

0:00 – Intro
1:46 – Why Is the Temple Location So Important?
3:22 – Where Is the True Location of the Temple?
26:04 – Evidence that Proves the Location of the Temple
26:31 – The Trumpeter’s Stone
30:43 – More Discoveries by the Trumpter’s Stone
31:13 – Beams Discovered from the Temples
31:52 – Muslim Statement About the Location of the Temple
32:11 – Sifting Project Evidence from the Temple Mount
34:42 – Warning Inscriptions Discovered on the Temple Mount
35:06 – Was the Current Temple Mount a Roman Fort?
37:18 – Was the Antonia Fortress the Size of Several Cities?
38:56 – Was a Roman Legion Stationed at the Antonia Fortress?
41:25 – Was the Antonia Fortress Destroyed?
42:54 – History of the Antonia Fortress
44:24 – Bible Verses that Prove the Temple was not In the City of David
47:39 – What Do Christ’s Words About One Stone Left Upon Another Mean?
57:41 – What About the Need for Water for the Temple?
1:06:47 – Did the Jews Forget Where Their Temple Was?
1:11:43 – What Does the Word “Zion” mean in Scripture?
1:16:13 – Was the Temple Mount a Roman Fort?
1:18:42 – Micah 3:12 Prophecy Fulfilled on the Temple Mount
1:19:13 – Could the Temple Mount Have Been in the City of David?
1:33:27 – Closing Remarks

~ by Joel Huan on January 9, 2023.

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