A Study Index of Ezekiel

Nobody seems to understand the various symbols and riddles in this book of Ezekiel to put all the puzzles into a cohesive and coherent picture. The Jews couldn’t understand what or how the house of Israel could have any relevance since the days they went into exile; Christians misled themselves that they have already replaced the Israelites and God’s graceful promises of eternity are now theirs!

So none got it right. In the Study, we’ll find that Ezekiel’s prophecy was meant not to be fulfilled during his time; its timing was a great distance into the future (Ezekiel 12:27), into our time and the message is primarily for the United States and secondarily its European allies.

A Study Index of Ezekiel

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

— Ezekiel a captive by the river Chebar in Chaldea
— in vision saw each cherub has four wings
— and each one has four faces
— the face of a man, a lion, an ox, and an eagle

~ Chapter 2

— “Son of man, I send thee to the children of Israel”
— who are the children of the house of Israel?
— the spirit of God spoke unto Ezekiel
— handed a scroll of a book, written inside and outside

A Study of Chapters 1 and 2 HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter 3

— Ezekiel to speak unto the “house of Israel”
— caused me to eat that scroll, what does this mean?
— Ezekiel made a watchman to the “house of Israel”
— not to a people of strange speech and hard language

~ Chapter 4

— take thee a tile and lay it before thee
— iniquity of the house of Israel: 390 days
— iniquity of the house of Judah: 40 days
— Septuagint: 190/150/40 days

A Study of Chapters 3 and 4 HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter 5

— they walked not in my statutes nor kept my judgements
— a third burns with fire, pestilence and famine
— a third smitten by a sword
— and a third scatters into the wind, a sword follows

~ Chapter 6

— a prophecy against “the mountains of Israel”
— to the hills, to the rivers and to the valleys
— a remnant will remember “all their abominations”
— and they shall know that I am the Lord

A Study of Chapters 5 and 6 HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter 7

— “An end! The end is upon the four winds of the earth”
— a wrath upon the multitude of the house of Israel
— all hands shall be feeble, all knees weak as water
— a trumpet is blown but “none goeth to battle”
— “in their judgements will I judge them”

~ Chapter 8

— God’s throne is toward the north
— seventy men: their faces toward the east
— and twenty-five men: worshipping the sun
— all their backs against the Temple of the Lord

A Study of Chapters 7 and 8 HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter 9

— “six men” prophesied to destroy the house of Israel
— a mark on the foreheads of those who sigh and cry
— “Go ye after him through the city and smite
— “Let not your eyes spare, neither have ye pity
— “Slay utterly old and young, and begin at my sanctuary”

~ Chapter 10

— back to another of Ezekiel’s visions, the wheels
— more about the cherubim, their wings
— the face of an Ox changed to a face of a Cherub
— the Ox and the Unicorn

A Study of Chapters 9 and 10 HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter 11

— twenty-five men at the east gate
— princes of the people who devise mischief
— and give wicked counsel in the city
— Pelatiah, one of the twenty-five princes, died
— vision of Shekinah departing the Temple

~ Chapter 12

— a bitter/sweet and/or sweet/bitter theme
— a remnants will declare all their abominations
— “The days are prolonged, and every vision faileth”
— visions are “of the times that are far off”

A Study of Chapters 11 and 12 HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter 13

— a prophecy against the prophets of Israel
— Woe unto the foolish prophets,
— who follow their own spirit and see nothing!
— O Israel, thy prophets are like the foxes in the deserts
— your prophets see vanity and devise lies

~ Chapter 14

— a prophecy against the elders of Israel
— but their heart and stumbling block before their iniquity
— even Noah, Daniel and Job couldn’t avert God’s wrath
— I will send my four sore judgements against Israel

A Study of Chapters 13 and 14 HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter 15

— the vine tree to be cast into the fire for fuel?
— the house of Israel will be surrounded at all sides
— from one fire to another shall devour them
— “Out of the frying pan into the flame”

~ Chapter 16

— God will gather all thy lovers whom thou hast pleasure
— and gather thy loved ones with those thou hated
— together they’ll regather against thee
— and uncover thee and see all thy nakedness
— and they shall burn thine houses with fire
— Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil

A Study of Chapters 15 and 16 HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter 17

— riddle of two eagles with great wings and a vine
— riddle of the “tender young twig”
— of bringing down the high tree and exalting the low tree
— in the mountain of the height of Israel will I plant it

~ Chapter 18

— thy fathers have eaten sour grapes
— if they “hath walked in my statutes and kept my judgements”
— the soul that sinneth, it shall die
— “I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth”

A Study of Chapters 17 and 18 HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter 19

— a riddle of a lioness with her two whelps
— her whelps among young lions
— prophecy of some rods planted in the wilderness
— prophecy of strong rods broken and fire consumed them

~ Chapter 20

— ye despised my judgements and my statutes
— my Sabbaths to be a sign between me and thee
— certain of the elders of Israel come to inquire of the Lord
— “I wrought for my name’s sake”
— a riddle or prophesy against the forest of the South

A Study of Chapters 19 and 20 HERE~ —— ~

Chapter 21

— the Targum points to the forest of the South: Spain
— “I am against thee; will draw my Sword out of its sheath”
— “and will cut off the righteous and the wicked”
— this Sword against all flesh from the South to the North
— the days of Israel’s wicked princes shall come to an end

~ Chapter 22

— the city that sheddeth blood in the midst of it
— your streets are full of blood
— “Thou hast despised mine holy Sabbaths”
— by the sword, famine, pestilence and captivity
— I will scatter and disperse thee among the nations

A Study of Chapters 21 and 22 HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter 23

— the whoredom of Oholah: Samaria, the ten tribes
— the whoredom of Oholibah: Judah and Jerusalem
— they constitute “both houses of Israel” Isaiah 8:14
— they have profaned My Sabbaths
— thy residue shall be devoured by fire

~ Chapter 24

— a parable unto the rebellious house
— a riddle of blood set upon the top of a rock
— she hath wearied herself with lies and filthiness
— kindle the fire and burn the bones
— Ezekiel’s wife died; he was forbidden to mourn

A Study of Chapters 23 and 24 HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter 25

— prophecy against the Ammonites
— God saith, “’Aha,’ against My sanctuary”
— “clap thine hands and stamp your feet”
— contemptuous hated against the land of Israel
— prophecy against Moab, Edom the Philistines

~ Chapter 26

— “I am against thee, O Tyre”
— Nebuchadnezzar from the north
— he and his chariots shall break down thy towers
— all their princes shall tremble from their thrones

A Study of Chapters 25 and 26 HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter 27

— a lamentation for Tyre “I am of perfect beauty”
— shall cry bitterly; weeping, howling and shrieking
— “the merchants of the peoples hiss at thee
— thou shalt be a terror, and never shalt be any more”

~ Chapter 28

— a prophecy against the “prince of Tyre”
— “I sit in the seat of God in the midst of the seas”
— a prophecy against the “king of Tyre”
— Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God
— “I will destroy thee, O king that art anointed”

A Study of Chapters 27 and 28 HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter 29

— a prophecy against the Pharaoh of Egypt
— the great dragon that lieth in the midst of his rivers
— “I will give the land of Egypt unto Nebuchadnezzar”
— and I will scatter the Egyptians among the nations
— and disperse them through the countries

~ Chapter 30

— “‘Howl ye, “Woe be the day!”
— it shall be the time of the Gentiles
— the sword shall come upon Egypt
— and I will break Pharaoh’s arms
— and there shall be no princes in Egypt

A Study of Chapters 29 and 30 HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter 31

— a prophecy against the Pharaoh of Egypt
— of a cedar in Lebanon with fair branches
— his height was exalted above all the trees
— the terrible of the nations shall cut him off

~ Chapter 32

— a lamentation for Pharaoh king of Egypt
— a “tribulation as darkness shall cover thy land”
— “I will make many people amazed at thee”
— Gypsies: Heb name derived from the city of Zoan
— English writings testify Romani were Egyptiens

A Study of Chapters 31 and 32 HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter 33

— prophet Ezekiel appointed as a watchman
— duty of warning others as a watchman unto Israel
— woe to them that sing lovely song with pleasant voice
— and can play well on an instrument
— for they hear thy words, but they do them not

~ Chapter 34

— a prophecy against the shepherds of Israel
— eat the fat and ye clothe yourselves with the wool
— I will set up one Shepherd over them
— and My servant David a prince among them
— both civil and ecclesiastical

A Study of Chapters 33 and 34 HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter 35

— a prophecy against Mtt Seir and Edom
— “Rage it, rage it, even the foundation!”
— “I will prepare thee for blood
— and blood shall pursue thee”
— “I will make thee perpetual desolations”

~ Chapter 36

— a prophecy against the mountains of Israel
— against “the hills, to the rivers and to the valleys”
— “I have spoken in My jealousy and in My fury
— because ye have borne the shame of the nations”
— “they profaned My name whither they have gone”

A Study of Chapters 35 and 36 HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter 37

— “Son of man, can these bones live?”
— “these bones are the whole house of Israel”
— “They shall walk in My judgements
— and observe My statutes and do them”

~ Chapter 38

— a prophecy against Gog and Magog and all his army
— Persia is from the east; Ethiopia is from the south
— Libya represents the west; Gomer is from the north
— pestilence and blood; hailstones, fire and brimstone
— “and they shall know that I am the Lord”

A Study of Chapters 37 and 38 HERE ~ —— ~

Chapter 39

— more prophecy against Gog and all his multitudes
— judgement extended to “the isles” and coastlines
— “and all the nations shall see My judgement”
— and see why the house of Jacob went into captivity
— “ll be sanctified in them in the sight of many nations”

~ Chapter 40

— for peace and tranquility of the Millennium
— there was a man; appearance of brass, a cherub?
— a reef to measure the Temple
— burnt offering and animal sacrifices brought back

A Study of Chapters 39 and 40 HERE ~ —— ~

~ Chapter 41

— the Millennium starts with the building of the Temple
— the posts, walls and doors given precise measurements
— “This is the Most Holy Place”
— side chambers and windows given measurements

~ Chapter 42

— the outer court given precise measurements
— the chambers where the priests shall approach the Lord
— there shall be burnt, meat, trespass and sin offerings
— the measurements of the Temple and its precincts

A Study of Chapters 41 and 42 HERE ~ —— ~

~ Chapter 43

— the Shekinah of God come from the east
— His voice was like a noise of many waters
— show them all the ordinances and laws thereof
— that they may be ashamed of their iniquities
— therefore I have consumed them in My anger

~ Chapter 44

— the east gate shall be shut. . .
— except the Prince, who shall sit and eat before the Lord
— ye have not kept charge of My holy things
— all the ordinances to be observed during the Millennium
— the priests of the sons of Zadok
— shall come near to Me to minister unto Me

A Study of Chapters 43 and 44 HERE ~ —— ~

~ Chapter 45

— the tribes shall resort upon all the solemn festivals
— a portion for the Prince on both sides of the holy portion
— the shekel shall be a measure of value in God’s kingdom
— the Prince shall execute judgement and judge righteously
— Passover, a feast of seven days; unleavened bread eaten

~ Chapter 46

— the Sabbaths and the new moon shall be observed
— the Prince shall oversee the sacrificial services performed
— the people shall come before the Lord at the solemn feasts
— repeating of morning sacrifice but silence to the evening

A Study of Chapters 45 and 46 HERE ~ —— ~

~ Chapter 47

— the waters flow beneath the south side of the altar
— and they shall dwell in their own land
— Jerusalem has 12 gates, three on each sides of the city
— there shall be a very great multitude of fish
— on that side of the rivers, shall grow all trees for food

~ Chapter 48

— Dan ~ Ireland, Denmark; Asher ~ Belgium; Naphtali ~ Sweden
— Manasseh ~ UK; Ephraim ~ US; Reuben ~ France;
— Judah and Levi ~ Israel; Benjamin ~ Norway
— Issachar ~ Finland; Zebulun ~ Holland; Gad ~ Switzerland

A Study of Chapters 47 and 48 HERE ~ —— ~

~ by Joel Huan on November 30, 2022.

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