The “Day of Eight Billion!”

World Population Growth Threatens Disaster for Western Civilization

The Unz Review by Gregory Hood ~ November 10, 2022

In less than a week, there will be eight billion people on Earth. United Nations Population Fund chief Natalie Kanem is cheerful about it: “Eight billion people, it is a momentous milestone for humanity. Yet, I realize this moment might not be celebrated by all. Some express concerns that our world is overpopulated. I am here to say clearly that the sheer number of human lives is not a cause for fear.”

November 15, 2022, the UN celebrates the “Day of 8 Billion!”

On November 15, the United Nations will mark the “Day of Eight Billion,” which it says “is both a cause for celebration and a clarion call for humanity to find solutions to the challenges we face.” However, whites who read the organization’s proposed “solutions” should be worried. The UN complains about “inequality” notably “unequal access to health care, opportunities and resources, and unequal burdens of violence, conflict, poverty and ill health.”

The world isn’t booming. The National Policy Institute reported that whites will be less than 10 percent of the world population by 2060. In 1950, the figure was 28 percent. Blacks, who were less than 9 percent of the world population in 1950, will be more than 25 percent by the middle of the century. Pat Buchanan wrote this in 2008:

More arresting is that the white population is shrinking not only in relative but in real terms. Two hundred million white people, one in every six on earth — a number equal to the entire population of France, Britain, Holland and Germany — will vanish by 2060.

The Caucasian race is going the way of the Mohicans.

Unlike the Mohicans, we will not get a reservation or a casino. The Guardian, in a 2000 article called “The last days of a white world,” wrote:

The global centre of gravity is changing. In 1900 Europe had a quarter of the world’s population, and three times that of Africa; by 2050 Europe is predicted to have just 7 per cent of the world population, and a third that of Africa. The ageing and declining populations of predominantly white nations have prompted forecasts of — and calls for — more immigration from the young and growing populations of developing nations to make up the shortfall.

The population shortfalls in Europe are mostly because whites are not having enough children. However, natalist policies intended to increase birth rates are controversial. For example, Swedish minister Annika Strandhall said of Hungary’s pro-baby polices, “This policy reeks of the 30s and as right-wing populists, they need to create smoke-screens for what this kind of politics does to the independence that women have been fighting for.” It’s clearly fascist to want your people to survive.

As the UN celebrates the “Day of 8 Billion,” it alludes often to abortion. Why not encourage it in poor countries? Of the world’s eight billion, half live in just seven countries, including the United States. However, this can’t be called a white country anymore. The white population is actually decreasing, something leftists openly celebrate.

China has the world’s largest population, but it faces a demographic crisis. Thanks to the “one-child” policy, by the end of the century, the Chinese population of 1.4 billion will fall below 800 million. Chinese will be old, and young people will struggle to support them. China’s birth rate has fallen throughout Xi Jinping’s rule, and China has the highest abortion rate among big countries.

The Caucasian race is going the way of the Mohicans

Real population growth over the next century will come from Africa. Bill Gates said in 2019 that “by the end of the century, almost half the young people in the world will be in sub-Saharan Africa.” According to a 2017 Pew poll, millions of Africans — majorities in some countries — want to emigrate.

Pew reported in 2019 that 45 percent of the people of Nigeria, the most populous African country, plan to emigrate within the next five years. That will be a lot of people. Nigeria could become the second most populous country in the world by 2100. If we take the UN at its word, there must be no “barriers” to stop Nigerians getting the “services and opportunities” they want.

The white race, a global minority, is becoming a minority even in its homelands. That is the real existential problem young activists should fight. The solution is not meaningless pageantry about fighting climate change. It’s for whites to build a state that will allow us to escape the endlessly growing, gaping maw of non-white dependence. If whites aren’t around to save the planet, no one else will.

~ by Joel Huan on November 19, 2022.

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