A Royal Gift or a ‘Stolen’ Gem?

The World’s Largest 500 carat Clear-Cut Diamond Is Mounted on the Queen’s Scepter. Now South Africa Wants It Back.

“Because thou hast despoiled many nations, all the remnant of the people shall despoil thee” Habakkuk

Yahoo News by Rachel Cormack ~ September 17, 2022 // CNN ~ September 16, 2022

The death of Queen Elizabeth II last week has raised questions regarding the ownership of the world’s largest known clear-cut diamond.

A royal gift or a ‘stolen’ diamond? The Cullinan I weight: 530.2 carats.
The stolen diamond has an estimated worth of over $400 million now!

A royal gift or a ‘stolen’ diamond?

The Great Star of Africa, otherwise known as Cullinan I, is currently mounted on the late sovereign’s royal scepter but originally hails from South Africa. The 530-carat diamond was presented to King Edward VII in 1907, two years after it was discovered in a private mine in Cullinan. Many South Africans view Britain’s acquisition of the jewel as illegitimate and are calling for the British royal family to return it to the country, as reported by CNN.

“The Cullinan Diamond must be returned to South Africa with immediate effect,” activist Thanduxolo Sabelo told local media. “The minerals of our country and other countries continue to benefit Britain at the expense of our people.”

A miner with the Cullinan Diamond shortly after it was “discovered.”

According to the Royal Collection Trust, the original gem was the size of a human heart and weighed around 3,106 carats. It was sent to Asscher of Amsterdam in 1908 and cut into nine large stones and 96 smaller pieces. According to the Royal Asscher, the largest of the stones was purchased by South Africa’s Transvaal government while it was under British rule and presented to King Edward VII as a birthday gift. It was subsequently set in the king’s scepter. The second largest cut stone, known as the Smaller Star of Africa, was mounted in the Imperial Crown.

Britain stole $45 trillion from India

“Because thou hast despoiled many nations, all the remnant of the people shall despoil thee, because of men’s blood, and for the violence of the land, of the city, and of all that dwell therein,” Habakkuk 2:8

~ by Joel Huan on September 20, 2022.

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