Ralph Baric: The Corona Genius

Professor Ralph Baric: The Coronavirus Hunter That Is Under The Spotlight

Is FORT DETRICK the SOURCE of COVID-19? If the United States has nothing to hide, there is not a single reason why it did not agree to open up their labs for inspection by the International community. This could lay to rest any suspicions on them.

In a Twitter post on 26 July, Zhao Lijian, spokesperson of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “if labs are to be investigated, then the WHO experts should go to Fort Detrick. The US should act transparently and responsibly as soon as possible and invite WHO experts for an inquiry into the Fort Detrick lab. Only in this way can truth be revealed to the world.”

From the above youtube, some other comments below:

“Links to information used in the video are available in the description now. All Information from Western media, not even one source is from China.”

“Yes, WHO should send an international team to investigate Fort Detrick lab.”

“Yes, an international investigation on Fort Detrick and other US biolabs is absolutely necessary to understand the origin of covid 19 and to prevent similar pandemics in the future.”


“And the most proud shall stumble and fall, and none shall raise him up; and I will kindle a fire in his cities, and it shall devour all round about him” Jeremiah 50:32.

“In all your dwelling places the cities shall be laid waste, and the high places shall be desolate, that your altars may be laid waste and made desolate, and your idols may be broken and cease, and your images may be cut down, and your works may be abolished” Ezekiel 6:6.

~ by Joel Huan on August 20, 2021.

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