STEM Forecast in 2030

“China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep because when she wakes up, it will shake the world” Napoleon.

According to DW Documentary, it’s predicted that in 2030, 37% of all scientists will be Chinese. And while some European countries are facing a lack of science teachers at schools, a young generation of innovators is growing up in China. They have top-level education, fresh ideas, and they’re hungry for success. And that’s the spirit that prevails in this country, that’s going to persist. A hunger for innovation is what defines modern China!

China is a much younger nation, there’s energy and enthusiasm about what’s to come. There are a lot of investments, and there are great education institutions there, Tsinghua University in Beijing and Tongji University in Shanghai are top level. There are really many capable people. The talent pool there is huge! So I think there’s a good chance that China will be leading modern science.

And China’s economy is booming. Cities such as Shenzhen 深圳, Chengdu 成都 or Guanchu 广州 have the same economic output as entire European countries.

China is investing in its young people. Take the example of Robomaster 机甲大师 — a nation wide event that is making out of engineers and programmers China’s new pop stars.

RoboMaster (Chinese: 机甲大师; pinyin: Jījiǎ Dàshī) is an annual intercollegiate robot competition held in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, founded and hosted by the drone tech giant DJI.

See the source image

First started in 2015, it is the brainchild of DJI’s founder and CEO Frank Wang, and jointly sponsored by the Communist Youth League Central Committee, the All-China Students’ Federation (ACSF) and the Shenzhen City Government. It is the first shooting sport-style robotics competition in China.

“China rocks in my opinion” Elon Musk

~ by Joel Huan on September 13, 2020.

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