Nationalities of People Taking Cruises Compares to STEM Graduates

“The US may be reaching its Chernobyl Moment.”

Countries That Take the Most Cruises

By Ferdinand Bada on October 5 2018 in Travel

Cruising refers to the act of going on a trip on a cruise ship, which is simply a ship for going on relaxation voyages. The voyages can last for a few days at sea or take years.

Countries that could afford Cruising

Data from 2016 shows that the United States has the highest number of people who went on cruise ships, about 11.5 million, while China is a distant second with only 2.1 people in the same year.

Statistics For 2016 (in millions of cruise passengers)

Rank            Country                   No of cruise passengers             Percentage
1                  United States             11.5                                        52.3
2                  China                          2.1                                          9.5
3                  Germany                     2.0                                          9.1
4                  UK                              1.9                                          8.6
5                  Australia                     1.3                                          5.9
6                  Canada                       0.8                                          3.6
7                  Italy                           0.8                                          3.6
8                  France                        0.6                                          2.7
9                  Brazil                          0.5                                          2.3
10                Spain                           0.5                                          2.3

Total                                             22.0                                         99.9

Caveat (a) Not sure whether Hong Kong’s statistic is included in China; (b) Statistics limited to the top ten countries only.

For the full report HERE

Compare to Countries with STEM Graduates

See the source image

See the source image

Compares with General Tertiary Education

See the source image

The overwhelming of people taking cruises are from the United States (partly due to Americans sending their companies overseas and having them sending back huge profits) while those who invests in talents via educational development, especially STEM, are mainly from China, at 37 percent. It’s just naturally that the future belongs to China in innovation and production.

(Note the declining countries in red)

“China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep because when she wakes up, it will shake the world” Napoleon.


See the source image


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