From Sydney to the Gold Coast

From Sydney to the Gold Coast, this stretch of real estate is pristine: the lakes, the seas, the beaches, surrounded by mines of copper, coal and iron ore; the whole area is still rather undeveloped, and could take on another hundred million migrants. Alas, my potential as a migration agent! Hence a little bit of my research.

Byron Bay is an interesting place. This small township is a melting pot of surf culture, alternative philosophies and hedonistic indulgence with a rub of Asia in it. Busting with tourists well into the nights the compact malls with tiny outlets resemble much of Asia. Perhaps this might be the only place where trishaws could be found in a European setting. Artists of various kinds of hawkers displayed their goods around.

Years ago, when writing a novel, I asked my critics should I change one of my character from Byron to something else, my critic or mentor said ‘no’. She likes the name Byron as it was name after Lord Byron, the grandfather of poet, lol, but I never wrote a single poetry. So now I am also visiting a place named after such a famous poet.

The history of Europeans in Byron Bay began in 1770, when Captain James Cook found a safe anchorage and named Cape Byron after John Byron. In the 1880s, when Europeans settled more permanently, streets were named for other English writers and philosophers. Well, today, Byron Bay has an annual writers festival, an annual film festival, an annual music festival but how about an annual migration festival?

Stay clear of high ends of certain if you like to stretch your dollars, for some restaurants are often expensive and offer the same cuisine over and over. If you like a little adventure look for some of the tiny streets. Here you will find eateries from all different walks of Asian touches at half the price, but double the amazing taste! My personal favourite is always Thai cuisine and sometimes Indian. You can grab a solid meal for around $10.

The Broadbeach along the Gold Coast is not only broad, but is long, too. Standing somewhere in the middle, I couldn’t see either ends. Amazing place! Amazing soft golden sand, rolling waves and the perfect setting for a sunset stroll along the shores.

It’s not surprising that the place is for retirees and a Surfers Paradise. Well, I was there, thinking of where it might be a good paradise before tragedy strikes: the fall of a 17 year old schoolies. The joys of paradise had turned into sorrows and tears. And that’s often so about life.

~ by Joel Huan on November 29, 2012.

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