Huawei to launch more Satellites for 6G

Huawei is scheduled to launch 10,000 satellites to cover for its 6G network

By GeospatialWorld – 04/26/2021

Huawei, one of the leading providers of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructures and smart devices, is going to launch two satellites together, along with two Chinese partners this year, as reported by a global news website.

Huawei to launch more satellites for 6G

The launch is scheduled to be in July, with the aim to verify the 6G network technologies. Huawei has taken lead in the research and development (R&D) 6G technology around the world.

The two Chinese partners are said to be network operator China Mobile and a national space firm, details of which has not been unveiled, but has great significance for China’s core technologies such as networking and switching.

According to Ma Jihua, a senior tech industry analyst based in Beijing, “The satellite move is natural as Huawei pushes ahead its layout on 6G networks, which is 50 times faster than 5G.”

Ma explained that 6G networks convey higher frequencies need using the satellite for communication instead of base stations, whereas 5G networks rely on base stations to transmit signals.

Earlier this month, Huawei’s rotating chairman Xu Zhijun announced at Huawei global analysts conference that the Chinese tech giant will launch its 6G networks in 2030, and it will release a 6G white paper soon to explain to the industry what 6G is.

During a global 6G summit in 2019, Huawei had proposed it vision to launch more than 10,000 small satellites to provide 6G services covering the world,

10,000 small satellites to transmit 6G services

According to Ma, the potential of 6G technologies is something that no government or firm could ignore despite the fact that it is still at the early R&D phase.

China’s satellite constellation, as current projects Hongyun and Hongyan have been involved in, aims to enable broader online access for people and businesses in China’s remote and poorer areas. While the 6G satellite is more used for tests and providing data in popular urban areas, Ma added.

The Five Eyes is a system of electronic espionage by Australia, Canada, the United States, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. They have excluded Huawei from their auctions. 

“Their decision (to ban Huawei) will put the Five Eyes ten years behind China (and the EU if it resists US pressure) in 5G and its associated technologies” Godfree Roberts

~ by Joel Huan on May 31, 2021.

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