Annabel Yao – China’s Rising Soft Power!

Annabel Yao: Ái Nữ Của Ông Trùm Huawei Đã Từng Từ Chối Trở Thành Con Dâu  Vua Sòng Bài Macau

Countries that can successfully leverage their national power are able to affect the behavior of other political actors. This can be accomplished through traditional “hard” power measures, such as threats or coercion, or through “soft” power, which enables countries to persuade or attract others to support their interests.

A country’s soft power is heavily dependent upon its global image and international prestige. In the case of China, the central government has developed top-down strategies for enhancing China’s soft power, which in conjunction with public diplomacy, are designed to cultivate a positive international image of China.

And this mood seems to be shifting. Annabel Yao, the daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, is one example of soft power; she has forayed her aspiring career into the entertainment industry instead of the cutthroat world of Huawei.

On January 18, 2021, she debuted her first single, sung in a mix of Chinese and English, is called Backfire.

Younger sister of Huawei's Meng Wanzhou is jealous of her popularity |  Vancouver Sun

“I never saw myself as a princess,” she said in the documentary, which shows her preparations ahead of the debut and touches on her billionaire father.

“Just like most people my age, I needed to put a lot of effort into studying to get into a good school,” she added, having graduated with a degree in computer science from Harvard University.

But she has drew much criticism, with some saying she lacks voice and moves. Others ridiculed her as self-indulgent, insincere and insensitive.

Thiên kim tiểu thư tập đoàn Huawei chính thức gia nhập showbiz, từ gia thế  đến học vấn đều 'hàng khủng'

“Her singing and dancing abilities are not enough to make her a star,” complained one Weibo user.

“Based on your talent, was it possible for you to become an artist without your family background?” asked another.

Another commented on Yao’s privileged upbringing with a withering assessment: “Can’t sing, can’t dance, but if you have money…”

Others however expressed opposition to attempts to discredit Yao because of her family’s fortune, and pointing out that all big names in entertainment rely on family support.

“I also felt lost after college, but I kept trying different things before I found what I was passionate about,” she said, defending herself, prefering to shake her bum to advance China’s soft power than her father’s dog-eat-dog world of Huawei.

~ by Joel Huan on May 3, 2021.

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