Who is Ephraim?

Who is Ephraim?

Ephraim may be a land fills with amber waves of grains and a nation in control of the gates of its enemies, but another dominant characteristic that Ephraim has, is sadly, a Chronic Liar!

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“Ephraim compasseth me with lies, and the house of Israel with deceit” (Hosea 11:12).

The house of Israel (the ten lost tribes) operates with hypocrisy but the house of Ephraim (the top dog of the northern ten tribes with its capital in Samaria) operates with lies and deceits!

Ephraim and Manasseh

The United States is Ephraim!

Below are some classic examples of lying and deceit in the house of Ephraim for reflection:

The Gulf of Tonkin incident was a perceived confrontation that led to the United States engaging in the Vietnam War. It involved a falsely claimed clash between ships of North Vietnam and the United States in the waters of the Gulf of Tonkin. The original American report blamed North Vietnam for an attack on the USS Maddox, but the Pentagon Papers, the memoirs of Robert McNamara, and NSA publications from 2005, proved that the US government lied to justify a war against Vietnam. 

The outcome of this deception was the passage by US Congress of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which granted President Lyndon Johnson the authority and justification for deploying US forces against “communist aggression”. 

The Web of Language | Illinois

“But I want to say one thing to the American people. I want you to listen to me. I’m going to say this again: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie. Not a single time. Never,” Bill Clinton testified before the nation, Jan. 26, 1998. For his deceit, Clinton became the second president in American history impeached by the House of Representatives.

In an August 2002 speech that kicked off the Bush White House administration’s campaign for war against Iraq, Cheney asserted, “Simply stated, there’s no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction. There is no doubt he is amassing them to use against our friends, against our allies, and against us.”

In October 2002, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld claimed he had “bullet-proof” evidence that Saddam was tied to Osama bin Laden. And a National Intelligence Estimate said Iraq had “continued its weapons of mass destruction program.”

Exclusive: Watch Donald Rumsfeld Lie About Saddam Hussein and 9/11 in 'The  Unknown Known'

“However, there is no doubt at all that the development of weapons of mass destruction by Saddam Hussein poses a severe threat not just to the region, but to the wider world.” – Tony Blair, House of Commons, 10 April 2002.

Prime Minister Tony Blair defended himself in 2005: “I have never told a lie. No. I don’t intend to go telling lies to people. I did not lie over Iraq.”

“The 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre was one of the most prominent lies. Wikileaks testifies that there were no bloodshed inside Tiananmen Square! HERE

The Real Donald Trump

Colin Powell, the former Secretary of State and Joint Chiefs of Staff in an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” on June 7, 2020, called Donald Trump a chronic liar. “The one word I have to use with respect to what he’s been doing for the last several years is the word I would never have used before, never would have used with any of the four presidents I worked for, he lies,” said Colin Powell. “He lies about things. And he gets away with it because people will not hold him accountable.”

Twitter taking on Trump's lies? About time too | Twitter | The Guardian

President Trump’s top staff mocked him behind his back. His first Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, famously called him a “f***ing moron.” Political Adviser Steve Bannon said he was “like an 11-year-old child.” Former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly labelled Trump an “idiot.” 

And even Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, considered a loyalist, was said to have written a note describing the President as “full of shit.”

Trump did not seem to know, for example, that Britain was a nuclear power, and asked if Finland was a part of Russia, John Bolton wrote. “I don’t think he’s fit for office,” the former National Security Advisor continued. “I don’t think he has the competence to carry out the job.” 

“There really isn’t any guiding principle that I was able to discern other than what’s good for Donald Trump’s re-election,” Bolton, known to the world for his walrus moustache,” added, “I think he was so focused on the re-election that longer-term considerations fell by the wayside.”

“He doesn’t operate pursuant to philosophy, or grand strategy or policy,” Bolton, described by Trump as “a war mongering fool, reflected on his 17 months in the White House. “He’s often described as transactional, but what it means is that every day is a new adventure. Decisions get made on an ad-hoc and episodic basis.”

I Didn't Lie,' Trump Asserts About Seriousness of Coronavirus | Voice of  America - English
“I didn’t lie.”

In an interview with ABC News, Bolton said of President Trump: “Putin thinks he can play him like a fiddle.” 

And lastly, Bolton was alarmed at Trump’s comments where the President had said “the only way we’re going to lose this election is if the election is rigged.” Bolton added that Trump “may attempt anything” and that “there are no rules” with the President.

“Mr. Trump is an enigma,” Michael Cohen, who worked for Trump for many years, who knew him better than even his family did, revealed in details “who he really was: a cheat, a liar, a fraud, a bully, a racist, a predator, a con man,” and one who “has lived his entire life avoiding and evading taking responsibility for his actions.”

“He’s a clown,” Mary Trump recalled what her aunt Maryanne said of Donald Trump during one of their lunches when Donald announced he would run for President. “This will never happen.” 

Maryanne also became enraged when Donald began to receive endorsements from prominent Christians and White Evangelicals such as Jerry Falwell Jr. remembering he was a man with “five bankruptcies.” Maryanne, who is a Catholic since her conversion 50 years ago, allegedly raged to Mary: “What the f*** is wrong with them? The only time Donald went to church is when the cameras were there. It’s mind boggling. He has no principles. None!”

A “Frankenstein’s Monster,” exclaimed Mary, who had studied patients with schizophrenia at Hillside Hospital on Long Island. She wrote further of the narcissist’s “dysfunctional” family background comparing him to a three-year-old, saying, “Trump’s ego is a fragile thing that must be bolstered every moment because he knows deep down that he is nothing of what he claims to be.”

Mary added about his uncle’s life of “cheating and lies” by tracing an episode to his young age: “Trump even paid someone to take the SAT tests for him to help him get into the University of Pennsylvania for its famous Wharton School of Business,” where he has claimed that he graduated with the “highest grades possible.” 

That someone was his buddy named Joe Shapiro, a smart kid with a reputation for being a good test taker, and the “sociopath” had calculated from such an early age the art of “lying, spinning, and obfuscating” and how to pay people well which set the stage for the rise of what we have today not just “the World’s Most Dangerous Man” as Commander-in-Chief in the White House but the World”s Most Boggling Gorilla.

Mike Cohen lays out an alarming portrait of the constellation of characters orbiting around Trump, describing him as “a cheat, a liar, a fraud, a bully, a racist, a predator, a con man.”

“You’ll never have an election count on November 3,” Trump said in a speech in August to the Council of National Policy, a conservative activist group. “You’re not going to be able to know the end of this election, in my opinion, for weeks, months, maybe never,” he said.

Bob Woodward: Trump Doesn’t Seem To Know “What Is Real And What Is Unreal.”

And here is Donald Trump’s Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo:

Ex-CIA director Pompeo: 'We lied, we cheated, we stole' - YouTube

“I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole,” former CIA director and now Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on April 15, 2019 at a forum at Texas A&M University. “It was like – we had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment.” Interestingly, a Christian religious news broadcaster that described Pompeo’s words with such precision as follows: “that’s not the resume of the Secretary of State… that’s the resume of Satan.”

Obviously Trump’s Secretary of State isn’t Satan, but certainly one that’s demon-possessed.

And here comes Ellen G White:

Ellen G. White - Wikipedia

“The Bible nowhere sanctions the use of intoxicating wine. The wine that Christ made from water at the marriage feast of Cana was the pure juice of the grape” (Ellen G White, Ministry of Healing p.333).

“I do not write one article in the paper expressing merely my own ideas. They are what God has opened before me in vision–the precious rays of light shining from the throne” (Ellen G White, Testimonies for the Church, vol. 5, p.67).

Ellen G White’s vision from the throne and her revelation about the Flood:

“At this time immense forests were buried. These have since been changed to coal, forming the extensive coal beds that now exist, and also yielding large quantities of oil. The coal and oil frequently ignite and burn beneath the surface of the earth. Thus rocks are heated, limestone is burned, and iron ore melted. The action of the water upon the lime adds fury to the intense heat, and causes earthquakes, volcanoes, and fiery issues. As the fire and water come in contact with ledges of rock and ore, there are heavy explosions underground, which sound like muffled thunder. The air is hot and suffocating. Volcanic eruptions follow; and these often failing to give sufficient vent to the heated elements, the earth itself is convulsed, the ground heaves and swells like the waves of the sea, great fissures appear, and sometimes cities, villages, and burning mountains are swallowed up” (Patriarchs and prophets, Pacific Press, 1958, pg 108-109).

Truth of God - "Overcome Through God's Purpose for You." By: Fred Coulter  (second half) - CBCG-GoToMeeting

“The chronological events that are recorded in Exodus 16 clearly define ben ha arbayim— “between the two evenings,” or “between the setting times”— as the time period that immediately FOLLOWS sunset, or ba erev” (Frederick R. Coulter, The Christian Passover, p 48).

“There is no question that the Passover commands in Exodus 12 have been misinterpreted and given different meanings than the true scriptural meaning of God’s ordinances and statutes delivered to Moses” (ibid, p 115).

Gerald Flurry’s chronic lying claim of a Mighty Angel that had handed Malachi’s Message to him must be confused and not very articulated because Flurry in later years has to make revisions after revisions to get the messages right for his so-called Philadelphia Church of God. Flurry also prophesied that Donald Trump would serve his second term to fulfill Jeroboam II revival, “BECAUSE A BIDEN PRESIDENCY IS CONTRARY TO BIBLE PROPHECY.” What nonsense and all Flurry’s incurable BULLSHIT! (Pg 1, The Philadelphia Trumpet, January, 2021).

Home Page | Philadelphia Church of God

In fact, Gerald Flurry’s teaching is more like the original crafty Jeroboam. “It is too much for you to go up to Jerusalem. Behold thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt!  And he set one in Bethel, and the other put he in Dan,” (King Jeroboam: I King 12:28-29)

And in UCG‘s teaching, the morning includes the afternoon? 

And the writer wrote, “Evening is associated with darkness and night, morning is associated with day, (pg 9).

Nothing is consistent as yet a while later he wrote evening means twilight:

The term twilight means: “evening twilight; time of concealment; of refreshment; of stumbling, in dim light.” Twilight is not in the afternoon, but it is when the light grows dim, after sunset, but before complete darkness.(Pg 10).

UCG Seal.jpg | United Church of God

Can this writer be specific and consistent since later he came back and wrote it means night again!

Genesis 1:3-5 “Then God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness. God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. So the evening [erev, darkness, night] and the morning [boqer, light, day] were the first day.” Morning is used in Scripture to refer to the light portion of a day. The Hebrew word for night is layil. It is used as a synonym for the Hebrew erev, which is normally translated “evening.” (Pg 11).

So according to UCG, morning (boqer) would be day, which starts from 6 AM unto 6 PM, including the afternoon? “Morning is used in Scripture to refer to the light portion of a day.” So 1 PM, 2PM 3 PM is also morning. And evening is the whole night, from 6 PM to 6 AM. Think again. Morning includes the afternoon? Yes this is not just UCG’s morning but UCG’s insanity! 

Think again, the morning includes the afternoon? Was the writer just lying or on drugs? And this contradicts a moment later: “Next we find the expression “at evening” or “at even” (Exodus 12:18). This is the Hebrew expression ba ‘erev. In general it means sunset” (pg12). It doesn’t mean night anymore? Blind Guides. The whole body of UCG is sick, full of coronavirus, starting with the head, and the whole Council of Elders has been infected since 1999.

This is like going back to the days of Jeroboam:

Jeroboam's Table of Demons - Bible Matrix

“It is too much for you to go up to Jerusalem. Behold thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt!” 29 And he set the one in Bethel, and the other put he in Dan . . . 31 And he made a house of high places . . . 32 And Jeroboam ordained a feast in the eighth month, on the fifteenth day of the month, like unto the feast that is in Judah. (King Jeroboam: I King 12:28-32)

“Ephraim shall be desolate in the day of rebuke; among the tribes of Israel have I made known that which shall surely be” Hosea 5:9

~ by Joel Huan on January 21, 2021.

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  2. […] on this site Ephraim has been established as the United States. So although the prophet Hosea may refer to situation in his time, the encoded message of Ephraim […]

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